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07:59pm 07/08/2006
mood: bored
I had one of the best days in awhile yesterday! Austin and I went up to oklahoma city to originally see the rev. horton heat play but found out that OKC was having it's 1st annual tattoo convention. Yes, Oklahoma finally legalized tattoos (only the last sate but things here are weird). We went to that and I was surprised when Austin told me I could get my cherries done. Got them done by a guy named Nick from Des Moines Iowa, he was awesome and uber nice. Wandered around for a bit wasn't the best ever but it was the 1st here and my 1st ever so I was really excited! We went and wandered around bricktown for a bit, kinda the downtown club area of the city, and waited for the doors to open. Rev. finally came on and it was a HELL of a show!! You gotta love 'em. I know it's been a few since I last posted but not much is new really. Hope you all are doing good and if you get a chance go see the Rev. it's worth every penny.
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11:17pm 21/07/2006
mood: giddy
Has anyone been watching the nightmares & Dreamscapes on TNT? I've never read these short stories by king but so far, in my oppinion, they are fucking awesome!!!! I especially liked battleground!

We got a date and time set finall for the wedding if you'd like to come let me know...or wvwn if you want an invite. I think we've got our list almost set for mailing invites but I know I've missed a few and if you want to come send me a mailing address. Also Jen I don't know if Aurstin's gotten in touch with you and Jess but if not can we get your mailing address, (do youstill live with Jess?) That's all for me I'm happy as can be and I don't give a damn about much right now and I wish you all the same!!!!! Love you all!!!! Lisa

ps. he hsa now gotten me to like some/most AFI................YOU BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!! :)
12:03pm 07/07/2006
mood: anxious
to funny not to share

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07:10pm 18/05/2006
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10:06pm 13/05/2006
mood: frustrated
So a friend of mine from work had us over for a small part and I thought I'd post some random pics from it...enjoy?

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08:37pm 04/05/2006
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06:53pm 03/05/2006
  Ok all you people out there. I'm sure one of you can answer my question. On June 3rd NIN will be down in dallas what I'm trying to figure out is who are they touring with?  
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11:07pm 01/05/2006
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09:35pm 01/04/2006
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10:16pm 27/03/2006
  I feel like I'm going fucking nuts!!!! I hate this damn hotel!!!!!!  
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10:22pm 24/03/2006
  Ok so we went to the Tiger Army (who opened for Morrisey..... why?) and had a damn good time. I am pissed though because we couldn't bring in our camera so now no pics of Tiger Army but there are a few from before the show and later when we went out to the bar so here you go.

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Fuck Ya!!!   
07:34pm 13/03/2006
mood: excited
I get to go to the Tiger Army concert tomorrow!!!!!!! We weren't going to be able to at first but when I woke up this morning my baby told me to get my shit together because we get to go!! I'm so happy I can hardly wait! I couldn't see how tomorrow could get any better!! Hopefully some good pics to follow.
03:38pm 11/03/2006
mood: blah
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Hmmmm.....imagine that. Me a Christian?
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02:35am 11/03/2006
mood: drunk
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I'm evil so be scared......ooooohhhhhhh very evil!!!!
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11:42am 01/03/2006
mood: drained
So let me tell you about my life since my last post....

We'll start with Valentines Day. The day started out pretty ok Austin woke me up with a really cute and soft stuffed dog and a really sweet card, I told him the only thing I wanted was for him to not make me cry like my last valentine did, so I was really happy. Got a call from his bailbonds guy saying that he missed his court date. He thought it was the 17th and it was really the 7th. So we haul ass down there thinking that we're doing the right thing, we were wrong! Long story short they lock his ass up and send me on my way not knowing what the hell is going on. I get back to Lawton and swing by to whine to my friend and on my way home a lady pulls out of the Sams club parking lot and runs right the fuck into my car, my first car wreck ever. Cops show up and then I can't find my insurance so I get a ticket for that. Great fucking day....but I guess it could've been worse.

Yesterday I realize that I've lost my drivers liscense so I go to go get another one made. They tell me that my liscense is suspended so I go and find out why because I thought I'd taken care of that the day before, guess not, turns out it's because of the fucking '71 Cornett that Austin "bought" and he was supposed to cancel the insurance. When the policy expired the company reported us and because there was no insurance I got suspended because the insurance was in my name.The damn car hasn't moved since we moved it here to the house which was the beginning of November. So in order to get that lifted I need to go and get the title to show that the car is not mine. Austin put my name on the title too and I had no idea. So I call mom and she tells me that I need to go and get it registered as inopperable and then go down to the department of public safety. I do but that piece of paper isn't enough I have to get someone to sign and notarize a piece of paper saying that the car hasn't moved since november but they can't be a relative. Fuck!! Who the hell will sign that for me? I find a person and they sign it but when I go to get it notarized they signer has to be there. I find another person and get all that taken care of, go back to DPS, back to the tag agency don't have the right paprework, back to the DPS, and back to the tag agency to get my liscense finally!

All of this trouble started because some bitch can't figure out that that big red sign that says STOP actually means that you have to stop. Because of her my car is now in the shop so I needed to get I rental but I had to have a drivers liscense that I couldn't find...and still can't. Actually, I guess this could've all been avoided if Austin had just taken care of his car and I hadn't lost my liscense, but I just needed to bitch. Fun times! But at least Austin get out of jail on Sunday. SUNDAY!!!! :)

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10:59pm 26/02/2006

this place seems pretty cool
09:12pm 16/01/2006
mood: anxious
Hey everyone,
not much new. School has started again and so far I'm actually doing well going to class, only 2nd week though so we'll see. I finally got some pics of my new digital and got around to posting them. Nothin too exciting.

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06:36pm 28/12/2005
mood: flirty

In the year 2006 I resolve to:

Sleep my way to the top.

Get your resolution here

mmmmm....sleeping my way to the top of the red lion hotel.....wooohooo!

Went down to Austin's parents for Christmas and had some good times in white trash east texas. All in all it was a good christmas. I finally got a NICE new digital camera so now I can be a picture whore once again. I got two new tattoos that Austin did on my feet. It hurt like a mother fucker! They look good though, I'm proud of him. School's out until January 9th, I think, and I did really shitty this past semester. It was my own fault. It wasn't that it was too hard I just didn't go and teachers have this dumb attendance policy now, at least all of them did this semester. I don't get it. Why should I be forced to go as long as I turn in my assignments and shit and I do well enough. Oh well, such is life. I think my New Years resolution is actually going to be to get all A's this next semester, or at least give it my damnedist. No more class skipping. I got a dog from the ft sill pound. He's about 8 months old and he's half pitbull and half we think lab. We named him Chico and he's a big ole sweety. It's been pretty boring around here lately. Pretty much do the same thing all the time. It used to be school, work, home but now it's just work and then home. Oh ya! We moved into a new house about the beginning of November. It's nothing fancy but it's home and I really like it. I finally turned 21!! Ya for me. I don't have to be all paranoid now when I go out to the bars and stuff. I was always afraid that I would get busted and no more getting kicked out of the Green Door for drinking or holding someone elses drink. My old supervisor is leaving here in about a week and I think I'm going to get her job. Not much different than what I'm doing now except I'd get paid more and I'd have to go to these stupid care comitee meetings. Plus, my general manager, who's a dirty man that I think stares at my ass all the time, will be leaving to go to Kentucky sometime the beginning of this coming year. That will be a huge relief. I really used to like the guy and I thought he was a cool manager. People would tell me stories of him being dirty but I neve worried about it because he'd never said or done anything to make me uncomfortable, but that changed and I can't wait for him to get the hell out of here. Been hanging out with another couple who are turning out to be really good friends of ours. We've discovered a game called Cranium that is hella fun. Well, I can't think of anything else right now. Pics should be posted soon. Actually, I think I'll do that tomorrow. Back to work for me. I hope everyone had/has a good christmahanakwanzaca and a pleasant new year.
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09:59pm 19/09/2005
mood: weird
ManI don't know why but I found this really freakin creepy... uuugggghhh. Let me know what you think.

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10:35pm 05/08/2005
mood: hungry

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